Why we do what we do...

  Koolnections was founded on the idea that no one likes searching through all the services that can be found, just to get a job done. Everyone spends some time looking for someone who can perform a required service. This can be a time consuming adventure, and time is precious to everyone. Have you ever asked a friend “do you know someone that can…”? Is that really the only requirement to hiring someone to get the job done? Have you had to take time off work to meet with someone in order to get some kind of quote? Have you done this multiple times just to get a few different quotes? What did this cost you? And you haven’t even started to have work done…What if it takes more than just one meeting?

  These are some of the frustrations we are hoping to relieve the users of Koolnections.

  You can submit a request with as much detail as you like. You can include pictures, diagrams, sketches… We have an interactive forum attached to your request in case businesses want to ask a few more questions, or require more specific detail. You can respond at your leisure, without lost time from work. Multiple businesses will be looking at your request and will be providing you with quotes on your request. You can compare these quotes and view the business profiles associated with those quotes. In the end, you can make a choice you are comfortable with. We look to remove most of the stress of getting in touch with the people that can help you.

  We also do our best to try to provide the tools necessary for businesses to interact with requestors. Each request has its own unique forum, allowing questions to be posed directly to the requestor. Businesses can submit a quote using our simple quote page, or they can submit detailed files and quotes, complete with pictures, drawings, sketches, etc… Our Showcase feature allows each Business to present to the public, sample images of work they have done in the past. Each Business Profile page includes company logos, slogans, descriptions, contact information, web links and email addresses. When we receive a new request, we immediately process that request and forward it to all the Businesses it relates to, so that they are always up to date on the potential business waiting for them. We eliminate the need for them to go looking for work by directing that work to them. Being a registered Business on Koolnections, means that you will not miss opportunities to grow your business.

  We are always looking to improve our site, and feedback is always welcomed.